Central Coast Skip Bins FAQs

Looking for skip bins to hire for your remodelling or demolition project? Then you have come to the best place in Hunter Valley place. Central Coast Skip Bins offers skip bins for hire that are reliable and durable, brought to you by a friendly team of professionals to boot!

Need more information? These Frequently Asked Questions could address some of your concerns.

What sizes of skip bins are available for hire?

Central Coast Skip Bins has a variety of skip bin sizes that you can choose from. Whatever your needs may be, there will surely be a skip bin size that will suit your purposes. The following skip bin sizes are available here at Central Coast Skip Bins:

  • 2 m3
  • 3 m3
  • 4 m3
  • 6 m3
  • 10 m3
  • 15 m3
  • 20 m3
  • 30 m3

What is the duration of hiring a skip bin?

We have different pricing schemes for different sizes of skip bins. However, our pricing is inclusive of 7 days hire of the skip bin. If you want to hire these skip bins for a longer period of time, there are corresponding additional fees. If, however, you want to hire these bins for less than 7 days, please let us know. The skip bins can be picked up sooner if you require it.

How early do I need to call to hire the skip bins?

Early notice is not needed. These skip bins can be delivered to you within the same day of calling or the day after. Your hired skip bins are all guaranteed to arrive on the day you request for it.

What are items that cannot be placed in the bin?

Hazardous materials cannot be placed in any of our skip bins. This will include, but are not limited to, car tyres, batteries, chemicals, paint, and asbestos. For a clearer idea of what these entail, you can read our page on Other Wastes.

Is asbestos waste allowed?

If you are disposing of asbestos or any type of insulation, let us know prior to hiring skip bins. There are restrictions and strict regulations regarding asbestos disposal. You will also be given an Asbestos Handling Guideline upon delivery of your hired skip bins. Please familiarise yourself with the proper handling and disposal of asbestos.

Are council permits required?

Yes. There are regulations that state any bin placed on public land or council property requires a council permit. However, you need not worry about this. Central Coast Skip Bins will organise your permits for you. This permit costs $79 and is valid for 28 days.

What are the payment schemes for hiring skip bins?

We offer several payment methods such as cash, credit card, cheque, and EFT. Please ensure that payment is made on or before delivery of hired skip bins.

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