Central Coast Skip Bins Services: General Waste

If you are thinking about having general waste removed from your personal property or place of business, then you might be in need of skip bins. Any changes in your household or business that involves moving, renovating, or demolishing can result to an accumulation of waste materials that you might need help disposing of. For these needs, Central Coast Skip Bins has services that will surely be of use to you.

Types of general waste removal

General waste can include a host of different things that we may help you with in the way of disposal. Majority of household materials can be considered general waste. The following may be included:

  • Cabinets
  • Carpets
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Green and yard wastes
  • Timber and/or furniture
  • Tree stumps measuring 30 cm in diameter
  • Computer monitors and hard drives
  • Cardboards
  • Paper
  • And others


Here are some special types of general wastes that you might need to be careful about before disposing:

  • Paint must be dried (either in the can or poured out onto a newspaper to dry out). Liquid paint is strictly not allowed
  • Concrete, bricks, soil, and tree stumps must fit into the skip bins and must meet the allowed weight restrictions

Items such as batteries, tyres, asbestos, and insulation materials are strictly not allowed and are not considered general wastes.

In the event that any of these restricted materials are included in general waste disposal, additional fees may be charged to the client. These fees will go into the additional work required to clean up the skip bins due to spillage in the case of liquid paint, for example. The weight restriction is also imposed to ensure that the skip bins will be able to carry the load placed into it. It is also important to note that the skip bins must not be filled past the rim since this will result to dangers during transport.

To avoid these additional charges, it is best to contact us so that our friendly staff members will be able to advise you on the best skip bins size to use. Contact us today and rest assured Central Coast Skip Bins will take care of your general waste removal needs.

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